Edith Gregson Interiors - Daryl Judy's Interview With One Of The Fastest Growing Interior Design Firms In Washington, DC, Maryland & Virginia

Edith Gregson of Edith Gregson Interiors shares her personal journey and how she has built one of the fastest growing interior design firms in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia.

 Edith is a close friend and has worked with several of my clients over the years. In this episode of Daryl’s Casa de Amigos, Edith gives an insightful glimpse into her personal design philosophy and shares her home with you.

 Enjoy these creative tips, be inspired with design ideas, and consider how you can rethink your house, so it feels like a home that most represents you in the most beautiful and authentic way.

 ~ Daryl

Follow her: @edith.gregson.interiors

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