What is a Lock-Off Unit?

What is the Benefit of Having a Lock-Off Unit??

A residence with an additional residence inside is called a lock-off unit or sometimes called a lockout. It is a unit that can be divided into two separate sections.

The owner of a lock-off has several options when it comes to renting out the unit. He or she may choose to:

  • Rent the entire unit to one party
  • Stay in one half of the unit and rent out the other half
  • Rent out both halves to different parties

Before renting any timeshare resort unit, make sure to ask whether you are getting a lock-off, and confirm the unit size and amenities in writing.

In the Washington DC’s, Capital Region, these lock-off units are perfect for an in-law suite, Au-Pair Suite or commonly used as an AIRBNB Rental. You should be sure to check with the local government in terms of short-term rentals.

Having a lock-off unit is a perfect way to add additional income from the property or to be able to have family or friends live with you without having to impose as much as if they lived in the same unit.

Lock-off units typically have their own kitchen, baths, living/dining and bedrooms with separate entrances. They provide a flexible option as to using it for someone else to reside in other than the owner or providing additional living space to be used as a suite, office, catering kitchen, rec room etc.

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